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Departing State Auditor names GOP candidate to fill deputy post

Retiring Republican State Auditor Tom Wagner announced Wednesday he is appointing the GOP candidate for that office to serve as deputy auditor.

James Spadola will fill the role in a part-time capacity. The former Newark police officer is running against Democrat Kathy McGuiness to replace Wagner.

Wagner says he decided to appoint Spadola deputy because he needs a kidney transplant, which could happen at any point in the next few weeks. He says he feels comfortable with Spadola running things.


“I needed somebody that I could trust in the office - sort of being my eyes and ears in the office," said Wagner. "Again, emphasizing I want the audit staff totally focused on auditing.”

Wagner adds a key staff member is leaving and the office is short-staffed.

In a statement, Spadola says he’s honored by Wagner’s trust and will be fair and nonpartisan.


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