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Gov. Carney, state officials tout Aiden's Law protection of substance exposed infants

Sarah Mueller
Gov. John Carney

Gov. John Carney highlighted a new law Thursday requiring mothers to properly care for babies born exposed to drugs and alcohol.

A ceremonial signing of Aiden’s Law took place at Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, the same place that treated legislation’s namesake.

Aiden Hundley was born addicted to drugs in 2015. He died at 8 months of age after suffering signs of abuse. Both of his parents have pleaded guilty to murder.

Carney said this will help stop babies like Aiden from falling through cracks.

“When we see somebody like Aiden and the ordeal he went through, any other failures that we have in child protective services and the pain that those babies and children go through. As governor, I feel responsible and I feel that pain,” he said.

Division of Family Services Director Trenee Parker grew emotional speaking about the law.

“This plan helps helps families to be better, it helps families to do what everybody wants to have done, to have safe children,” she said.

Mothers who test positive for drugs or alcohol at birth are referred to child protective services. They are required to develop a safety plan to care for their infants.

The safety plans can include medical care for the newborn, as well as parental needs like housing, substance abuse treatment and finding employment.

The bill became law in June, but Thursday’s ceremony at Beebe Healthcare in Lewes was partly to thank those providers who cared for Aiden.

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