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Petition to audit primary election results fails to delay certification

Delaware Public Media

The Delaware Department of Elections certified last week’s primary election results Monday despite a last minute audit request.

More than 400 people signed the petition started by ToriAnn Parker.

Parker was the campaign manager former Republican U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Boyce. He withdrew from the race for health reasons.

Parker said people started contacting her about problems they had voting on primary day, and questioning the accuracy of the results.

“So, I started a Facebook page called “Audit the Election” just to formally request that the Department of Elections kind of just double check the results,” she said.

Many who signed the petition specifically expressed doubt about the outcome in the GOP primary for U.S. House between Scott Walker and Lee Murphy. Parker said that race and results in other races seems unusual to her.

“So I just wanted to kind of catch the Department of Elections before the results were finalized and it turned out I was not the only one that was having those type of thoughts,” Parker said.

But Elections Commissioner Elaine Manlove said she’s seen nothing that would call the election results into question.

Manlove certified the primary election results Monday.

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