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Delaware voting machine bid data is released to public

Delaware Public Media

Common Cause Delaware has posted a link to bid data the First State received to replace its current voting machines.

Six vendors, Electec Election Services, Dominion Knowlink, Election Systems & Software, Everyone Counts, Hart InterCivic and Tenex Software Solutions submitted bids.

Jennifer Hill of Common Cause says some of these companies have had problems in other states. She said a city in Kansas using an ES&S system faced issues during a primary last week.

“There were election night reporting delays that they could not explain," she said. "So, you know those are the things that we hope will be looked at before our you know our state invests $8 or $10 or $13 million in a voting system.”

Delaware’s Office of Management and Budget said it’s in negotiations with one of the vendors. A public hearing will be held once those talks are complete.

Delaware Elections Commissioner Elaine Manlove has said the state could award a contract by the end of this month or the beginning of September.

Delaware state lawmakers set aside about $10 million to purchase new machines for use by the 2020 presidential election. But the price vendors put in their bid proposals were redacted by OMB before being released to the public.

The Common Cause link is:

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