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AG Denn warns of legal action against distributor of plastic gun designs

Sarah Mueller
Delaware Public Media

Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn is ordering the nonprofit Defense Distributed not to allow First State residents access to downloadable 3-D gun plans.

The designs are for 3-D printable plastic guns that don’t have tracking numbers. The designs include everything from handguns to semi-automatic rifles.

Delaware is also joining 20 other states in asking the Trump administration to withdraw from a June settlement agreement with Defense Distributed. That agreement allows the gun blueprints to be downloaded starting Wednesday.

The states, including Colorado, California, Illinois and New Jersey, argue the guns may be undetectable at airports and could help arm terrorists.

Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson filed a civil rights lawsuit in 2015 after the U.S. State Department ordered him to remove plastic handgun blueprints from the internet.

Wilson has argued the government was infringing on his free speech rights. The settlement allows Wilson to publish the firearm blueprints.

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