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Gov. Carney signs FY19 budget

Sarah Mueller

Gov. John Carney (D) signed the state’s $4.32 billion 2019 operating budget Thursday.

The spending plan includes $1,000 salary increases for state workers, a two percent increase for teachers and one-time bonuses.

Carney said this session was a complete reversal from a year ago - with a surplus instead of a shortfall. But he credits lawmakers for setting aside some of that money for 2020.

“The challenge this year was very difficult than last year," he said. "We had more money than we expected, but I think the hallmark of this budget is it is a prudent and responsible one.”

The budget includes more money for mental health and addiction treatment. It also includes $4.6 million for workers who care for people with disabilities.

It also restores funding to help seniors with prescription drug costs and the Meals on Wheels program.

Carney said in the past 19 years, only one budget has been signed earlier than this one.

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