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State Treasurer's race now has a Democratic candidate

Billy Carroll

Dagsboro medical professional Colleen Davis is making a run at the State Treasurer’s office.

Davis filed to run late last week. This will be the 38-year-old Democrat’s first bid for public office.

She has worked as a financial consultant for medical systems in and around the state of Delaware. She says her success in that field will translate well to the public sector.

“Not only have I been able to help increase revenues that go directly into healthcare systems and those that provide the care, but also we have saved the private payer as well as Medicare and Medicaid millions and millions of dollars,” said Davis.

But Davis adds she understands state treasurer is an elected position - and also requires taking into account the needs of the everyday common individual.

“The individual that’s there not only needs to understand finance and understand business acumen, but also needs to have their finger on the pulse of truly what’s going on with the everyday Delawarean,” she said.

Davis is the only Democrat in the race. She will face incumbent Republican Ken Simpler and Green Party candidate David Chandler in November.

Simpler is seeking a second term as treasurer.