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Newark bond debt referendum passes easily


It was a clean sweep for Newark’s bond debt referendum.

Newark residents and non-resident property owners voted overwhelmingly in favor of four ballot questions that allow the city to borrow nearly $28 million.

Each ballot question won by a two to one margin or better.

The bond debt will pay for improvements to the city’s sewer and water systems, a park, and a stormwater facility on a former University of Delaware dorm site - as well as several smaller projects.

Smaller projects include road repaving, parking lot maintenance and rebuilding of the Municipal Building’s back deck.

The unoffical referendum results are below. Results will be certified by the Election Board Thursday.

Question 1 - Rodney Stormwater facility ($6.5 million):

1792 for  -- 405 against

Question 2 - Rodney Park amendities ($2.5 million):

1471 for  -- 402 against

Question 3 - 2018-2022 Water/Sewer CIP Projects ($15.625 million):

1815 for  -- 372 against

Question 4 - 2018-2022 CIP Projects ($3 million)

1556 for  -- 586 against

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