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"Midterm Matters" podcast weighs in on celebrity political speech, Paul Ryan and Facebook

This week, we bring you another edition of the "Midterm Matters" podcast from the University of Delaware Center for Political Communication.

This podcast is part of the Center for Political Communication’s upcoming National Agenda series – MIDTERM MATTERS – addressing importance of voter and civic engagement in midterm elections, as well as campaign strategy, news coverage, polling, and more.

On this episode, Delaware Public Media news director Tom Byrne is joined by the UD Center for Political Communication Associate Director and National Agenda series director Dr. Lindsay Hoffman, along with Dr. Danna Young, UD Associate Professor of Communication, who studies politics and communications – including political media effects, public opinion, political satire and the psychology of political humor.

They discuss the Center for Political Communication's "Shut up and Dribble" poll, House Speaker Paul Ryan's decision not to run again, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg's appearance on Capitol Hill and more.

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