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Gun rights advocates lobby state lawmakers to oppose gun control bills

Gun rights supporters gather in front of State Capitol

Hundreds of gun rights advocates descended on the State Capitol Wednesday to oppose gun control legislation moving through the General Assembly.

Democratic lawmakers are sponsoring legislation that ban assault-style weapons. It allows people who already have them to keep them, but bars buying and selling of the guns after the ban takes effect.

Mitch Denham opposes banning semi-automatic weapons like the AR-15. He said no one in Delaware has been killed by an AR-15 and the ban won’t address crime in Delaware.

“We feel like it’s feel good legislation that is actually just going to try to garner votes and not actually do anything to solve the actual problems in this state,” he said.

Denham and other gun rights advocates also oppose a bill raising the age to buy some long guns from 18 to 21. That legislation passed the House last week and the Senate is expected to vote on it Thursday.

Other gun control measures under consideration includes banning devices making rifles fire bullets faster and procedures for removing guns from people who are suicidal or homicidal.

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