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State Sen. Bushweller delays consideration of casino tax relief legislation

Delaware Public Media

The Senate Finance Committee tabled legislation giving tax relief to Delaware casinos. State Sen. Brian Bushweller agreed not to move forward after receiving assurance from the Carney administration that it was open to changing the tax structure.

Delaware Finance Secretary Rick Geisenberger says the governor understands the economic impact and jobs the state’s three casinos generate. But he says Carney also wants to know the exact cost to the state before supporting changes.

“It’s premature before we have a better sense of our March collections from corporate franchise tax and our April collections from personal income tax to be resolving this issue," he said. "But once we have that better picture, it would be more timely.”

Geisenberger estimates lowering taxes for the casinos could cost more than $20 million.

The state takes about 43 percent of the revenue casinos generate, about double what it was in 1994. Under Bushweller’s legislation, the revenue sharing structure would be tiered, the rate for table games would decrease and it would do away with the game license fee.

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