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State lawmakers push school security measure in wake of Florida school shooting

Delaware Public Media

Some state lawmakers hope to advance legislation to make Delaware schools more secure. They feel a renewed sense of urgency after last week’s school shooting in Florida.

The Florida gunman, a former student, was able to enter the school and start shooting victims in several classrooms. He killed 17 students and teachers.

Legislation sponsored by State Rep. Earl Jaques would require new school construction and major school renovations here to include bullet resistant glass, intruder alarms and doors with key locks on both sides.

Senate Majority Whip Nicole Poore said no one should be able to enter a Delaware school and attack students.

“We know that we have new construction that happening, we know some of the older buildings are now being brought to better standards today and so why not incorporate some of those safety precautions that were outlined in the legislation,” she said.

Poore also said lawmakers should consider adding more school resource officers and building improvements if that’s what it takes to keep Delaware students safe.

“If it means that we’re doing a better locked security system, if it means more SROs in the building, things of that nature, then you know, it’s priceless to us at the end of the day," she said. "Especially if we avoid a shooting, a mass tragedy.”

The House Education Committee will consider the bill on March 7th when lawmakers return from their break for budget hearings. The legislation was introduced early last year, but is being updated.

Lawmakers are also considering bills restricting gun possession for people who are mentally ill or who are suicidal or homicidal.

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