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Former Dover City Manager Koenig is top pick for Dewey town manager

A position that’s been vacant for four months in the Town of Dewey Beach could soon be filled.

The town is closing in on hiring its new town manager.



A search committee accepted 25 applications for the job, including one from Tennessee, then trimmed that list to four finalists to be interviewed.


Over the weekend, Dewey Beach mayor T.J. Redefer says the committee made its final recommendation.


“Scott Koenig, the one the committee selected is their number one choice, is the one we’re working with first to see if we can come up with an agreement,” said Redefer.



Redefer adds Koenig has many of qualifications needed for the job including strong communication skills.

“His ability to communicate in a very professional, calm...I’m trying to think of another adjective to add to that. But his ability to communicate with others and work together with others,” said Redefer.

Koenig retired as Dover’s city manager in March 2017 after working for almost three decades in that job.

Redefer says he hopes to know within a week if Koenig has accepted the Town of Dewey’s city manager’s position.

Marc Appelbaum resigned as Town Manager of Dewey Beach last October, after coming to an agreement with the town council.

Prior to stepping down, Appelbaum had come under fire over dozens of allegations against him ranging from use of foul language to inappropriate dress.



Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.