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Camden Mayor Justin King runs for Dover's Senate seat

Justin King
Justin King and his son

Republican Justin King is campaigning to be Dover’s next state senator.

The open seat created by Sen. Brian Bushweller’s retirement could decide which party control that chamber.

Justin King is a two-term mayor of Camden. He started out as a police officer before taking over the running several family businesses.

He said he successfully worked with the town council to straighten out its finances, increased public safety spending and lowered taxes. And he says he wants to do the same in the legislature.

“You know I think for our state, we’ve got great leaders," he said. "I just think we need new ideas and it takes a certain to express and really work hard to push those new ideas and prove that they can work.”

He said he wants to focus on education, public safety and balancing the budget.

“The return we’re getting on our tax dollars, we need a better return on what we’re spending and what the government is taking from us taxpayers,” he said.

Justin King will face Donyale Hall and Jason Stewart in a Republican primary. Democratic Rep. Trey Paradee is also running for the 17th Senate District seat that Bushweller has held since 2008.

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