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Delaware sees encouraging ACA enrollment numbers

Department of Health and Human Services

Delaware health officials say they’re cautiously optimistic about state Obamacare enrollment. They’re hoping to match last year’s numbers.

The Trump administration reports about 5,700 Delawareans signed up for Affordable Care plans between Nov. 1st and Nov. 18th.

That’s about 1,000 more people than in those same three weeks a year ago. But things are different this year because the open enrollment period ends Dec. 15th, six weeks earlier than previous years.

Delaware Health and Social Services Secretary Kara Odom Walker said she’s concerned the changes at the federal level are confusing residents about the resources still available to them.

“Also know that people are expecting that there’s fewer assistance and it’s important to remind everybody that about 80 percent of Delaware’s current enrollees do receive some kind of federal assistance and that remains,” she said.

Statistics from last year show more than half of Delawareans who got coverage through the marketplace signed up during the two weeks prior to Dec. 15th and two weeks after that date.

The Trump administration also cut 90 percent of the advertising budget for publicizing the open enrollment period. Walker said she’s worried residents don’t know the enrollment period was cut in half this year or that financial assistance for ACA is still available.

“Again, is not necessarily new information, but combined with the shorter window and less publicity, it is really important to remind families that they should investigate their options in the marketplace," she said.

State officials teamed up with non-profit groups to host community events in each county throughout November.

Over 27,500 residents signed up for coverage last year.

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