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Blevins resigns as head of Office of Animal Welfare after 5 months


Former state senator Patricia Blevins has resigned as director of the state’s Office of Animal Welfare after five months on the job.



In a statement, the Department of Health and Social Services said “Blevins retired [at the end of June] to spend more time with her family.”


But her short tenure wasn’t without controversy.


Before taking the post, Blevins was the Senate President Pro Tem. But she lost a re-election bid last November.


When she was hired in January to head the Office of Animal Welfare, which she helped create, state Republicans cried foul.

They said it was “political favoritism” and a shadowy example of The Delaware Way.

Blevins’ deputy, Christina Motoyoshi, will step in as acting director for the time being.  

Once a state hiring freeze lifts, the DHSS will start searching for a replacement for Blevins.


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