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Delaware prevailing wage expansion under review

Wikimedia Commons

State officials are looking at expanding Delaware’s controversial prevailing wage law, despite the subject nearly upending recent budget negotiations in the General Assembly.


Truck drivers on a job site, no matter for how long, would earn the prevailing wage, under the proposal. That means they’d earn between $20 and nearly $36 an hour, depending on the project and which county they were in at the time.


Foremen could also get a pay boost under the plan. Any time spent as a mechanic or general laborer would make them eligible for such pay rates.


Right now, foremen would have to spend 20 percent or more of their time doing such work to qualify for prevailing wage.


During contentious budget negotiations in June, Republicans demanded a three-year moratorium for school districts and cities having to pay prevailing wage rates.


Democrats wouldn’t budge, saying the wages help bolster blue collar, middle-class jobs.


A public hearing on the proposed changes will be held at 4 p.m. Friday, July 21 at the Department of Labor's office in Dover's Blue Hen Corporate Center.

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