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Gov. Carney "deeply disappointed" by Trump's climate accord decision

Gov. John Carney said he’s “deeply disappointed” by President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord.


The governor said a statement Delaware is especially vulnerable to climate change as the country’s lowest lying state, with 381 miles of coastline.


He said sea level rise threatens 17,000 homes and 500 miles of roadway in the state.  


Carney stopped short, however, of joining 10 governors this week who denounced the president’s action, and vowed to ignore it.


Carney had joined many of these states last month in a letter to the president urging him to stay in the Paris Climate Agreement.


In that letter, the governors warned that a pullout of the agreement would allow China and India to take the lead on global climate leadership.


They said that would put our country at a competitive disadvantage, locking us into "obsolete" technologies and energies.   


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