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Coons gives Democrats votes needed for Gorsuch filibuster

Delaware Public Media

After weeks of sitting on the fence, Sen. Chris Coons has given Democrats the votes they need to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.


Coons has expressed reservations about filibustering Gorsuch’s confirmation as payback for Republicans’ refusal to hold hearings for Obama-nominee Merrick Garland.

But the state’s junior senator reversed course during Monday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.


“I question what a seven month refusal to hold a hearing or a vote is if not the longest partisan filibuster on this committee ever,” Coons said.   

Coons also opposed moving Gorsuch’s nomination out of the Judiciary committee and to a full Senate vote Friday.

He said Gorsuch had been evasive during his questions regarding privacy rights - specifically women’s reproductive rights and same-sex marriage.

This sets up the likelihood Senate Republicans will invoke the “nuclear option,” pushing Gorsuch’s confirmation through with a simple majority of 51 votes. 

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