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Early voting bill hits Legislative Hall

Delaware Public Media

Delawareans unable to make it to the polls on Election Day could see some relief under a new bill.

The bill from Rep. David Bentz (D-Christiana) would require the Department of Elections to allow voters to cast ballots for at least 10 days prior to any election – including local races.

At least one polling place would be open for eight hours in all three counties and Wilmington

Bentz says access to the ballot should be as open as possible for all eligible citizens.

“It just makes it easy as possible for people to get to the polls on their own time that fits their schedule – their busy schedule. The culture is one that’s more on demand,” he said.

The bill has a dozen co-sponsors – none of them Republicans.

In the past, the GOP has warned of possible voter fraud, which Bentz dismisses as an overblown concern.

“There’s really no tie between the two issues of voter fraud and early voting. If we’re comfortable with the security of elections now then we’ll be comfortable with them if we move to early voting.”

It’s unclear how much money the bill will cost.

Lawmakers will consider the measure in committee Wednesday.