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Sen. Coons weighs in on travel ban ruling, Trump budget

Delaware Public Media

Sen. Chris Coons is praising a federal court for stopping President Trump’s revised travel ban from taking effect this week.  

He’s also bashing Trump’s newly-released budget proposal.

Speaking on CNN Thursday morning, Coons said it was unwise for the President to cut funding for foreign assistance and the State Department, while boosting defense spending.  


“I think it shows an over reliance on the military and an under appreciation of the power and effectiveness of diplomacy,” said Coons.    

Coons added Trump’s budget would make the world more dangerous.

In that same CNN interview, Delaware’s junior senator criticized Trump’s revised travel ban as a policy that weakens America’s perception on the global stage.

He says a federal judge’s decision to keep that ban from taking effect makes America stronger because it shows a functional system of checks and balances that can rein in executive overreach.