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Coons joins Senate Dems on Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act

Delaware Public Media

Senator Chris Coons joined his fellow Democrats this week to file legislation geared towards curbing presidential conflicts of interest.

The Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act of 2017 would require the President and Vice President to divest any assets that could create a financial conflict of interest.

It would also require presidential appointees to recuse themselves if anything that comes before their agency would directly affect the President's personal interests.

Most Democrats in the Senate have signed on to the legislation with no Republicans on board.

The Democrats call President-elect Trump’s sprawling international business ties deeply troubling. And say he’s at risk of violating Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution -known as the Emoluments Clause- if he doesn’t address his potential conflicts of interest before being sworn into office.

If the act passes, the president and vice president would have to put their assets in a blind trust managed by an independent trustee.

With Republicans holding majorities in both houses it’s unlikely the legislation will gain any ground. If it did somehow pass, it would end up on President-elect Trump’s desk, where he could veto it.   

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