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Delaware's 2016 Electoral College Vote

Delaware Public Media

Members of the Electoral College - including those in Delaware - gather Monday to officially elect America’s next president.

Delaware's 3 electors will cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College to President-elect Donald Trump. Trump is the fifth candidate to lose the popular vote, but win the Electoral College.

To help people, especially students across the state, better understand the Electoral College, Delaware Public Media has joined with The Democracy Project at University of Delaware's Institute for Public Administration, UD's Center for Political Communication, WHYY, and the State of Delaware to present a webstream discussion of the system and provide coverage of Delaware's electors voting.

Ed Freel and Fran O'Malley of The Democracy Project will discuss the historical significance of the meeting and the casting of votes. Former News Journal editor John Sweeney will provide historical perspective on the creation of the Electoral College. Delaware Deputy Secretary of State Rick Geisenberger and State Archivist Stephen Marz will preside over the voting ceremony.  You can watch the webstream live below.

In the wake of this year's presidential election result, there's been renewed calls to to abandon the Electoral College system.  Delaware Public Media's political reporter James Dawson reported on local reaction to that effort on Delaware Public Media's The Green last week.  That story is availablehere.

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