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Justice Department prepares to "aggresively protect the integrity of Delaware’s election"

Delaware Public Media


The US Department of Justice says it’s going to work aggressively to protect the integrity of Delaware’s general election, even though it doesn’t anticipate any problems in the First State.  

Charles Oberlyis a US Attorney with the District of Delaware, which oversees federal elections in the First State.


He said he doesn’t expect to see any voter intimidation on November 8, even with presidential candidate Donald Trump calling on his supporters to monitor polling places for election fraud.  

“Look, we’re all familiar with what we’ve heard on the radio and news broadcasts but Delaware hasn’t had any complaints that I’m aware of. And I’m not anticipating any,” Oberly said.    

There's no blanket definition of intimidation so each case is decided on an individual basis. Examples of intimidation can include people asking you questions or filming you without your consent outside a polling place.


Oberly said that even though the likelihood of intimidation is low, you should still complain if you feel threatened in any way.


You can either complain to poll workers or you can complain directly to the District of Delaware office.

Oberly doesn’t expect voter fraud to be an issue in Delaware either. All polling places are monitored by local members of both major political parties and that tends to create a check against voting rights abuses.  

In any case, Oberly has appointed Assistant US Attorney Patricia C. Hannigan to oversee Delaware’s general election goes off without a hitch.

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