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Clinton blows away Trump in Delaware poll

Courtesy of Clinton campaign

Delawareans say they greatly prefer former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

Those results come from a new University of Delaware Center for Political Communication poll, showing Clinton with a 21-point lead over her Republican rival among likely First State voters.

Clinton garnered 51 percent support in the poll - which has a margin of error of 4 percent.

Libertarian Gary Johnson has seven percent support, while the Green Party’s Jill Stein earned two percent. Nine percent of people remain undecided.


Clinton’s support mirrors national trends – with advantages among women, minority voters and those with at least some advanced education, according to UD’s Paul Brewer.


“It’s pretty difficult to imagine that Trump would manage to pull off Delaware. This fits in line with expectations that in Delaware, the Democrats have the big advantage in registration and historical voting patterns,” Brewer said.


The poll projects Clinton taking Kent and New Castle Counties, but she trails Trump by 11 percent in Sussex.

Like nationwide poll results, his strongest backers here are white men without a college degree.

“Trump did the best among the people with a high school degree or less. Famously, a while back, Trump said that he loved the poorly educated – his words, not mine – and certainly, that’s seems to be the [demographic] where he’s strongest.”


But Brewer says Clinton still leads Trump across the board among mixed educational backgrounds.

The average of twelve top nationwide polls puts Clinton with nearly a three-point advantage, according to Real Clear Politics.