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Fuller eyes criminal justice reform in Lt. Gov primary

Greg Fuller campaign

Former Sussex County Register of Wills Greg Fuller says Delaware needs a Lt. Governor to champion criminal justice and prison reform.


"We need to incarcerate the folk that are violent offenders but we do not need to incarcerate people who have problems with drugs," said Fuller. "We need to build more treatment centers because by building more treatment centers, you can move more people through the process of recovery and rehabilitation and send them back into the community to be a participant in our tax base."

Fuller says if a person is incarcerated for as little as one year, the state spends more on that one inmate than it does to educate a child.

He adds that if a person is instead admitted to a treatment center for six months to one year, they have a higher chance of re-entering the community without using drugs again.

Fuller says he believes it’s an issue that - if addressed - can make a real difference in the First State.