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New law requires all high schools have wellness centers

Kim Williams
Gov. Jack Markell signs HB 234 into law at Conrad Schools of Science


Governor Jack Markell signed into law Wednesday a bill requiring all high schools in the state have a wellness center.

"These centers provide preventative and primary medical care to students, from nutrition to sports physicals, to health screenings to counseling. They offer an array of services,” according to primary sponsor of the bill, Kim Williams.


She wrote the law because all but three high schools in the state have wellness centers.


"I wanted to ensure the 3,800 students in these schools gain access to the services these centers provide," she said.

The state will pay for one wellness center a year until each of the three schools has one. Conrad Schools of Science is first on the list.


Total cost to the state will be $200,000.   

The new law doesn’t include charter schools.