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Sen. Carper calls for calm in wake of this week's shootings

Delaware Public Media

Senator Tom Carper is calling on leaders in law enforcement and the African American community to calm tensions following this week’s shooting deaths of two black men and five police officers.


"This is a time for leaders to unite.  Whether you happen to be president of the United States, or a member of congress, or mayor or governor. This is a time to unite. Not a time to build walls between us, or rather, let’s see how we can build bridges,” he said.

Carper said he's worried incidents like the shooting in Dallas will spawn copycats who may try to attack officers in other parts of the country.

“Folks are aware of what happened in Dallas may say ‘well, I can do that.’ And might be inclined to do so. And it’s hard to find out where that copycat is going to attack. And to be ready and to be able to cover a police officer for that matter,” he said.

The FBI and local law enforcement briefed Carper Friday on the shooting in Dallas and the response to it. There’s currently no credible threats in the First State.  

Delaware State Police sent a letter to the Dallas Police Department Friday expressing its condolences to the families of their fellow officers.

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