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Legislators add cash to personal infrastructure funds

Karl Malgiero/Delaware Public Media

State lawmakers are giving themselves an extra $25,000 to help pay for paving and infrastructure repair projects within their districts.

The Joint Bond Bill Committee unanimously approved the move Thursday. It brings the yearly total to $275,000 for each of the 62 legislators for the Community Transportation Fund or CTF.


Co-Chair Representative Quinn Johnson (D-Middletown) says DelDOT’s transportation fund had a small surplus based on their project pipeline and offered it to the General Assembly.


“It’s always a struggle to keep up with just $250,000 a year. It’s just simply not enough, so that’s the decision that was made to try and help that issue.”


CTF money can only be used on projects related to transportation on public property that benefits more than one person.


Bond Bill members are also considering allowing projects to avoid paying prevailing wage to workers if it’s partially funded by CTF or the Municipal Street Aid program.


That debate will continue next week.