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Action on capital, grants budgets delayed amid uncertain funding

Delaware Public Media

State lawmakers are still in limbo on balancing Delaware’s budget for next year after news of the recent flat revenue forecast.

All three money committees are in a holding pattern as they decide how to split up the remaining $41.6 million between nonprofits and capital projects.


The Bond Bill Committee, which oversees the state’s infrastructure budget, has met twice already and is still waiting to hear if there will be any cash for them to use on unrestricted projects.


Members of the Joint Finance Committee have to choose how to divvy up that $41.6 million left over for this year, though that number could increase.


State officials are trying to refinance outstanding bonds to a lower interest rate, which could save between $5 million and $7 million.


Should Wilmington school redistricting fail to gain approval, they’d also have the $6 million earmarked for that to toss around.


Lawmakers are still considering an eight percent cut to most nonprofits – excluding volunteer fire companies, senior centers and others – to potentially save money.


Any move will come later this week at the earliest, with the Grant-in-Aid Committee meeting next Tuesday.


Spending plans for all three budgets need to be approved and signed by the governor by June 30.