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Gun control efforts focused on state government as Congress remains gridlocked

By Vitaly V. Kuzmin, via Wikimedia Commons

  Gun control advocates are focusing their efforts on state government as Congress remains gridlocked. 


 He's backing legislation (HB 325) in Delaware that would prevent gun stores from selling a firearm until a background check has been fully processed - or 30 days has passed. Stores can currently sell a gun after three days, even if a background check hasn’t been processed.

“Last year we had a bill passed that would protect victims of domestic violence against  domestic abusers. It didn’t pass unanimously but it passed, and now it’s law," Greenhouse said.

In 2013, Delaware enacted a law that requires gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms. The state also expanded background checks to private gun sales that year.   

Delaware could pass an assault rifle ban, but people would still be able to buy them in Pennsylvania.

But, gridlock or not, it’s up to Congress to ban people on the terrorist watchlist from buying and owning firearms.

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