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Explore the permits and more that make a 'mega' chicken farm in Kent County

Courtesy: Audrey Sharp
A new 10-house poultry development, as seen from a neighbor's yard in Farmington.

READ THE STORY: Neighbors of 'mega' chicken farms call on state for relief from environmental effects.

Development on agricultural land is a lawful use in Delaware, meaning farm projects don't require public hearings with neighbors. In the case of two recent, large poultry developments in Farmington -- one comprising 10 chicken houses, the other set to comprise 20 -- neighbors say they've suffered health and environmental impacts that haven't been addressed by the industry or public officials.

These are the state and county permits and other documents that went into the construction of those so-called "mega-farms." The trade group Delmarva Poultry, Inc.'s voluntary policy for "good neighbor relations" is also included.

Delaware Public Media has made some redactions for privacy.

Hudyma Farm
Houses: 20 (12 complete), 652 ft. x 67 ft. each
Capacity: 920,000 chickens (46,000 per house)
Owner: Andrew Hudyma
Supplies: Mountaire Farms

Hudyma Stormwater Approval

A letter from the Kent Conservation District approving Andrew Hudyma's stormwater management plan for his 20-chicken house project in Farmington.

Hudyma CAFO docs

Andrew Hudyma's notice of intent for his 20-house project in Farmington (dated October 2013) and responses from the state nutrient management program indicating he is in compliance.

Hudyma Farm Draft Map

A map showing a possible partial layout of Andrew Hudyma's 20-chicken house complex. Road at page left is Woodyard Rd.; Bob and Irene Moore live just off the map at the top of the page. Actual construction is slightly different; see Google Map above.

Daim Farm
Houses: 10
Capacity: 450,000 chickens (45,000 per house)
Owner: Gulham S. Gujar
Supplies: Perdue Farms

Daim Farm Notice of Intent

A notice of intent from Gulham S. Gujar to build a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) on Woodyard Rd. in Farmington, with a 450,000-bird capacity. (May 25, 2014)

Nutrient Management Program certification - Gulham Gujar

A letter dated March 25, 2014 from former state nutrient program administrator Larry Towle, notifying Gulham Gujar that the nutrient management plan for his 10-chicken house complex in Farmington has met state standards for concentrated animal feeding operations.

Stormwater Management certifications - Gujar

Communications with contractors and letters from the state finalizing stormwater and sediment management plans for Gulham Gujar's 10-chicken house farm in Farmington, dated fall 2013 through early 2014.

Misc Gujar Docs

1. An email from then-contractor Matthew Hedger to former state Nutrient Management Program administrator Larry Towle about Gulham Gujar's 10 new poultry houses. 2. A site map of the property. Woodyard Rd. borders it at the top of the page, with Staytonville Rd. at right. 3. A letter of instruction concerning Gujar's CAFO permit from Towle.

The preceding records were compiled with help from the Socially Responsible Agriculture Project.

DPI Good Neighbor Policy

Delmarva Poultry, Inc.'s June 2015 update of its voluntary Best Management Practices for Good Neighbor Relations.