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GOP lawmaker calls for criminal probe into misuse of funds at Family Foundations

Delaware Public Media

State Senator Greg Lavelle is calling for an investigation into Family Foundations Charter School in the wake of yesterday’s State Auditor’s report on past financial misconduct at the school.

The school nearly lost its charter earlier this year when it was discovered that two school leaders had used $94,000 on school credit cards for personal use.

The auditor’s report confirmed at least $141,000 in personal spending, and said poor record keeping made it impossible to properly account for another 1.2 million dollars.

Family Foundations has since fired the school co-leaders and replaced its entire school board, but Sen. Lavelle says that’s not enough.

"Anyone reading the paper, reviewing the auditor’s excellent report, and using a little bit of common sense, easily concludes that public money has been stolen and used for personal use," he said. "I mean this is public corruption, it’s theft of money, simply losing your job isn’t punishment under the law."

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office said that the Office of civil rights and public trust has been reviewing the situation for some time now. It will decide whether or not to prosecute the case.

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