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Bonini to stay in race for governor

Delaware Public Media

State Sen. Colin Bonini (R-Dover South) will forge ahead with his campaign for governor.



The decision came after meeting with top donors and political allies Friday, which Bonini says rejuvenated his conviction to seek the Delaware’s highest office.

“Delaware really needs help and has a lot of serious problems that need fixing and I just can’t be on the sidelines. I mean, I’d almost couldn’t live with myself if we didn’t try to fix this," he said.
The future of a gubernatorial bid had been in doubt. Internal poll numbers showed Bonini well behind the presumptive Democratic nominee, current Congressman John Carney (D). His campaign manager, Emily Taylor, had also stepped down, but he says she will now serve as his treasurer.

Bonini says he and Carney became friends when Carney presided over the state senate as Lt. Governor from 2000-2008. Despite outside pressure, Bonini says he won’t badmouth his potential opponent while campaigning.


“People who consider themselves experts in politics tell me not to say nice things about John, but he is a good guy and I like him and I’m too honest a person not to say that," he said. "But at the same time, we need more than that and I think Delawareans are going to be given a real serious choice and I think we’re going to surprise some folks.”

Bonini narrowly lost to Democrat Chip Flowers in the 2010 treasurer race. He faces former state trooper Lacey Lafferty in the Republican primary.

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