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Gunn shut down in Del. Supreme Court

Delaware Public Media

The Delaware Supreme Court has rebuffed a challenge that the Kent County Board of Canvass improperly handled a nail-biting race for Recorder of Deeds last fall.

The two-vote margin between La Mar Gunn and Betty Lou McKenna triggered an automatic recount, with Gunn increasing his lead by it and a second count.

A third count flipped in favor of McKenna, the incumbent Democrat, which was immediately certified, despite protests from the Republican Gunn.

An appeal to Superior Court resulted in a hand recount that ended in a tie, allowing Gov. Jack Markell (D) to appoint someone to the position. Markell chose McKenna.

The state Supreme Court found that the Superior Court judge should’ve dismissed the suit outright and is ordering it to vacate its original ruling.

Gunn called the decision bad for Delaware.

“To sanction or approve the account where all parties agreed it was a sham, it leaves a very sour taste in my mouth as to the system and the integrity of the process, said Gunn.

And Gunn adds he may not be done fighting the result.

“And if that means the U.S. Supreme Court and every other media outlet that I can get a hold of or seek justice, that's exactly what I'll do," said Gunn. "I'm almost certain that a US Supreme Court appeal is imminent.”