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Sally Helm

Sally Helm is a producer at Planet Money. She has produced stories about the battles in Congress and reparations for slavery. She has reported stories about Islamic Finance in Michigan and the mystery of declining productivity growth. (She also once visited the offices of the satirical feminist website Reductress, and talked to a guy who wants to drive around the United States in a tango bus). Sally is a graduate of the Transom Story Workshop and of Yale University. Before coming to work at NPR, she helped start an after school creative writing program in Sitka, Alaska. She is originally from Los Angeles, CA.

Hey everybody. This is Shane, the Planet Money intern. So, um, something odd is happening around here. I haven't seen the rest of the Planet Money team in a while. They went into this haunted house, chasing after a story, and they haven't come back. It's weird.

We did get a mysterious email with some recordings attached. And I think what I'm supposed to do is just publish them. Right? I don't know. I'm just Shane the Planet Money intern. But, um, yeah. Here's the show.