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Jane C.W. Vincent

Jane Vincent joined Delaware Public Media President in 2017 and is totally committed to the mission! Under her tenure, DPM has gone through rebranding, upgraded digital media and communications with listeners and supporters, stabilized DPM's infrastructure and technology and launched initiatives to make us more accessible around the state. Before joining DPM, she was better known for her long career in public and community service with government, philanthropic, nonprofit, and private for-profit sectors. Jane was appointed by President Barack Obama as Regional Administrator for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, overseeing all HUD activities within the Mid-Atlantic states. In addition to her role with DPM, Jane also serves as Senior Fellow and Adjunct Faculty to the University of Delaware and handles other consulting and volunteer roles nationally and locally. She has been widely recognized for her work, and received the 2013 M. Justin Herman Memorial Award, given by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials annually to one individual for outstanding contributions to bettering lives through service in the field of housing or community development. Jane is married to Andy, a retired school administrator and awesome blues harp player, and has two adult daughters. And she wishes she had more time to play golf and garden!