Delaware Public Media

Jamaal Cubbage

Underwriting Coordinator

Jamaal Cubbage, a native of Dover, DE, has been involved in Advertising & Promotions, Marketing, Public Relations, and Organizational Leadership from the Financial Services platform for over 20 years.  He joined Delaware Public Media as Underwriting Coordinator at the end of the year 2019. Jamaal is known by many for his ability to serve effectively in multiple roles while accomplishing and exceeding set goals.  He often says, “I have embraced the builder in me!  I am a visionary!”  He’s known for his entrepreneurial accomplishments, commitment to serving his community, and last but not least, his musical abilities.  He has been playing bass guitar for over 30 years.  He serves as Founder and Director of JaMuzic™ Management Group.  He serves as a part-time Core Instructor at Maalbass™ Music Academy and hosts an annual music education conference known as BassBreak LIVE. In addition, Jamaal has served in the Financial Services/Insurance industry for over 15 years as a Commercial Banker, Financial Specialist, and Licensed Insurance Agent assisting his clients with financial planning, asset protection, estate planning, retirement planning, and more.  Some of the companies he was appointed with include TD Bank, State Farm, and Bankers Life & Casualty.  He has recently established his independent operation, JCIA® Financial Group. Outside of working, vision casting, networking, etc…Jamaal enjoys spending time with family, music, ministry, helping people who are in need, traveling, meeting new people, nature, gym time, and learning new concepts. Jamaal is excited about joining the Delaware Public Media team and already has a vision to take things to the next level!  Jamaal’s motto is, “New Inspiration!  New Challenge!  New Level!”