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Dominic Anthony Walsh

Dominic Anthony Walsh covers energy, the environment and public health for Texas Public Radio. He focuses on stories that reveal how major changes in climate systems, energy markets and public health policies affect communities in his hometown, San Antonio, and across the state.

Early in his first year as a Report For America corps member, he covered the massive census undercount in the Rio Grande Valley and the impact of COVID-19 on the thinly stretched resources of local governments and hospitals. The reporting was featured in a nationally recognized episode of TPR's Petrie Dish podcast, which he co-produces.

He also co-hosted the Fire Triangle investigative series from TPR and Houston Public Media. The team examined how deregulation, poor planning and a lack of public information contributed to deadly chemical disasters across the state.

His voice and work have been heard on the BBC's Newsbeat, WNYC's The Takeaway, APM's Marketplace Morning Report, NPR's Here & Now and All Things Considered.

Dominic previously worked as an intern and stringer for TPR. He graduated from Trinity University in 2020 with a communication degree.

You can reach Dominic by email,, and find him on Twitter,@_dominicanthony.