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Chip Flowers will be the Democratic nominee for State Treasurer this November.   Flowers topped incumbent and Democratic Party endorsed Velda Jones-Potter in Tuesday’s Democratic primary, garnering 54.3% of the vote to Jones-Potter’s 45.7%.

Flowers believes running strong up and down the state made the difference. "We want to thank the wonderful folks of Kent and Sussex because when the chips were down they came through for me,”  said Flowers. "Because of the strength of Sussex and Kent, and obviously New Castle, this was a statewide effort."

The State Republican Party may have suffered another blow in the race for Delaware's lone U.S. House seat. With 100% of the vote in unofficially, Glen Urquhart appears to have topped party endorsed Michele Rollins.  Urquhart leads Rollins by a razor thin margin of 552 votes and says he is the winner.

Rollins says the margin is too small to concede the race just yet.  She may request a recount.

Upset possible?

Sep 13, 2010

A weekend survey of likely voters in the Delaware Republican primary for U.S. Senate suggests that an underdog could topple the state party’s endorsed candidate. The poll, by Public Policy Polling, shows Christine O’Donnell ahead of nine-term congressman Mike Castle by 3 points, a spread within the margin of error. But does one poll really reflect political reality?

Showing up may be the battle

Sep 10, 2010

There’s one thing every candidate facing a primary Tuesday September 14 knows: turnout is likely not going to be very high, and that makes the "get out the vote" effort a critical one.  Even those who are running for the first time are aware of its significance.

"I'm not an old hand at this, but from everything I've learned, it is very important to get out the vote,” said Glen Urquhart, who faces Michele Rollins in the Republican primary for Delaware’s lone seat in the U.S House of Representatives.

DELAWARE IN FACT: Primary turnout history

Sep 10, 2010

Low turnout in Delaware primaries is not uncommon. Delaware In Fact shows that since 2000, the highest percentage of party turnout was for the 2008 Democratic Primary.  

That brought out 28 percent of registered Democratic voters to choose, among other offices, the Democratic nominee for governor (Jack Markell vs. John Carney). The lowest voter turnout came in 2006 when only 7 percent of Democratic voters showed up on primary day.

GOP Weekly Message - September 10, 2010

Sep 10, 2010

Delaware State Representative Greg Lavelle (R-11th District) discusses issues surrounding the construction of the Indian River Inlet Bridge.

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This week, Governor Jack Markell discusses this weekend's observance of Patriot Day, and a bill signed to create Vietnam Veterans' Day (March 30).

Governor's Weekly Message

Gov. Jack Markell marks the Labor Day holiday by discussing job creation efforts.

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Delaware: Home of poll-free campaigns?

Sep 8, 2010

If voters want a sense of where things stand in Delaware’s 2010 races, they won’t get much help from polls.  Delaware has not seen much polling before the September 14 primary–and the campaigns in Delaware’s biggest race, for the U.S. Senate seat previously held by Vice President Joe Biden, say that’s just fine with them.

Christy Gleason, campaign manager for Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons, says while the public polling that has been done shows her candidate making progress, she is not overly interested in it.

COMMENTARY: The pitfalls of polls

Sep 8, 2010

Public opinion polls drive much of America’s discourse about politics. Yet polls often are misinterpreted because many people in the media and the electorate do not have a clear idea of how they are conducted, how they should be interpreted, and how they should be used.

Civility Lost?

Sep 3, 2010

Delaware politicians tend to pride themselves on the civility of First State campaigns. It’s part of the “Delaware Way.”  But in the last week, the Republican primary race for U.S. Senate between Congressman Mike Castle and candidate Christine O’Donnell has veered off the high road. With the September 14 primary day approaching, that race has gotten unusually loud and testy.

"It has gotten pretty negative,” said Delaware State University political science professor Sam Hoff.

As Delaware now starts printing 2010 election ballots, they'll have a conspicuously empty space across from Democrat Beau Biden.

The slate of candidates is finalized now that the September 2 deadline for political parties to add candidates to the November general election ballot has passed. And while both the Republican and Democratic parties did manage to fill ballot slots in state House races, the Delaware GOP failed to draft a candidate to run against incumbent Attorney General Biden.

GOP Weekly Message - September 3, 2010

Sep 3, 2010

Delaware State Senator and candidate for state treasurer Colin Bonini gives this week's GOP message.  He discusses government spending in tough economic times.

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This week, Governor Jack Markell marks the Labor Day holiday by discussing job creation efforts in the state of Delaware.

Governor's Weekly Message

Gov. Jack Markell marks the Labor Day holiday by discussing job creation efforts.

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State Senator Colin Bonini (R-Dover South) already knows he’ll be on the ballot for State Treasurer in November’s general election.  Bonini faces no primary challenger on the Republican side as he makes his first run at a statewide office.

[caption id="attachment_2453" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Republican Colin Bonini says he believes he can transition from state senator to state treasurer"][/caption]

The race for state treasurer: Chip Flowers

Aug 31, 2010

Delaware voters’ first chance to weigh in on who will be next state treasurer comes in the September 14th Democratic primary.  That pits attorney Chip Flowers against current State Treasurer Velda Jones-Potter for the right to face Republican State Senator Colin Bonini in November’s general election.

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Velda Jones-Potter was appointed State Treasurer in January 2009.  To remain in the office, she needs to win not one, but two elections in 2010.

Jones-Potter was appointed State Treasurer by Governor Jack Markell when he vacated the office following his win in the 2008 gubernatorial race.  Jones-Potter faces Wilmington attorney Chip Flowers in the September 14th Democratic primary.  The winner meets Republican Colin Bonini in the November 2nd general election.

The last person elected Delaware state treasurer currently sits in the Governor's chair. In the 2010 election cycle, three candidates are vying for the position: appointed incumbent, Democrat Velda Jones-Potter, her Democratic primary challenger, attorney Chip Flowers, and Republican State Senator Colin Bonini.

The race received added scrutiny this week when details of Treasurer Jones-Potter’s consulting contract with the City of Wilmington became public.  That contract has paid her over $100,000 since 2007 for running a leadership development program aimed at women.

GOP Weekly Message - August 27, 2010

Aug 27, 2010

Delaware State Republican Party Chairman Tom Ross delivers the state GOP's first weekly message focusing on Republican priorities this election cycle.

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This week, Governor Jack Markell and Delaware State Police Superintendent, Colonel Robert Coupe highlight two new laws designed to protect police and other first responders,  the Blue Alert and Move Over laws.

Governor's Weekly Message

Gov. Jack Markell highlights the new Blue Alert and Move Over laws.

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Wanna be a casino dealer? Get in line.

Aug 20, 2010

Job creation is one argument proponents of casino expansion use in their pitch to add more gambling venues in Delaware. And if the recent Delaware Park job fair is any indication, there's plenty of interest in casino jobs.  130  job seekers lined up at Delaware Park’s administrative offices on Kirkwood Highway this week, answering the racino’s call for new dealers for a planned table game expansion.

This week, Governor Jack Markell and Department of Natural Resources and Control Secretary Collin O’Mara discuss a package of green energy bills signed by the governor and the potential those new laws have to create green energy jobs in Delaware.

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Online government garage sales

Aug 18, 2010

This week, Governor Markell discusses the opportunity NASA and the National Science Teachers Association provided some Delaware teachers to conduct reduced gravity experiments, and what opportunities like this mean to students in the First State.

Governor's Weekly Message

Gov. Jack Markell discusses teachers who inspire innovation.

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Candidates for political office in Delaware this year are learning the tried and true methods of campaigning may no longer be enough.  The growing influence of social media means rethinking how they reach voters.

The state of Delaware has been working to build its social media presence.  DELAWARE IN FACT looks at some of the mileposts in that effort, and how Delaware and its governor stack-up against their bigger neighbors in the effort to connect with citizens online.

Delaware-based business consultant Phil Woods knows a thing or two about bringing people together online. When he's not overseeing his own business, Spinners Mobile Bicycle Repair, Woods manages two new websites he created this year, Where in Delaware and Where in Richmond, where visitors can exchange information on area businesses, events, and attractions. The Delaware site helps people looking for everything from dry ice in Rehoboth, to sushi in New Castle, to math tutors in Milford.

Delaware wants to "friend" you

Aug 12, 2010

The General Assembly's winter break was just hours away, and House members still could not agree on whether to fund the controversial expansion of Route 301 in Middletown. Many were reluctant to vote on a complex project they didn’t fully understand.

So Representative Tom Kovach whipped out his cell phone and tweeted.

Delaware opens new sports betting season

Aug 6, 2010

Hoping to whet the appetite of sports gamblers, Delaware kicked off pro football betting today—a full month before the regular season of the National Football League kicks off on September 9. Patrons at the state's three racetrack casinos now can wager on preseason NFL games.

The state and its racinos do not expect preseason betting to be a big revenue generator. Vernon Kirk, deputy director of the Delaware Lottery, anticipates only "modest wagering." But he sees value in getting bettors warmed up now.

This week, Governor Jack Markell’s message focuses on the anticipated impact of animal shelter standards legislation he recently signed into law.

Governor's Weekly Message

Gov. Jack Markell discusses the benefits of animal adoption and Delaware's new animal shelter standards law

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The gambling landscape in Delaware is changing, and could change even more next year.

It took only nine months for Delaware to go from authorizing table games and having them up and running earning the state revenue. A similar change could come in 2011 if the state authorizes additional gaming venues.

Here is more from some of the principals involved in the efforts to expand gambling in the First State.

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