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SEPTA to restore regular service by October 1

By David Wilson, via Wikimedia Commons


SEPTA will be returning its Silverliner V train cars to regular service starting later this month.

It lost nearly a third of its fleet when it pulled 120 Silverliner Vs from service for emergency repairs in early July.

SEPTA General Manager Jeffrey Knueppel announced Wednesday that the trains will start returning to service at a rate of 10-per-week starting August 21.

“Right now we’re projecting October 1 to be running the regular weekday schedule and if there’s anything we can do in advance of that we’ll give it our best,” Knueppel said.

SEPTA is also borrowing 40 trains that will begin running before Labor Day.

Silverliner V manufacturer Hyundai Rotem is replacing suspension components on the train cars that were found to have engineering and manufacturing defects.  

All 120 Silverliner V train cars should be back in service by early November.


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