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Frustrated, but not suprised, Wilmington reacts to no charge for police who killed Jeremy McDole

Anne Hoffman
Delaware Public Media

Community leaders in Wilmington are expressing outrage over a US Attorney General’s decision not to prosecute four white Wilmington police officers in the shooting death of a black man in a wheelchair.  

The officers killed 28-year-old Jeremy McDole last September. The decision not to prosecute was released Thursday, following an 8-month investigation.  

Executive director of the Wilmington-based Complexities of Color Coalition, Donald Morton, called the decision upsetting, but not surprising.     

“If you look at the national trajectory at what has been taking place across the country with these type of cases. It has been very very easy for police officers to kill black bodies with impunity and without any repercussion or consequence to their behavior,” Morton said.

Morton said the state needs to change laws that allow police officers to use force whenever they feel threatened, which he feels are subjective.


Morton said he will be helping appeal the decision and working with community activist groups in Wilmington to march, pray and demonstrate until they feel justice has been served in this case.


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