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Polytech program offers apprentice opportunities for young adults

Delaware Public Media

Delaware Public Media works with aspiring high school journalists across the state through our youth media program Generation Voice.

Over the coming weeks, we are featuring work produced by Polytech High School students Mikaylee Preuss and Kenny Guy, including this piece on a youth apprenticeship program at Polytech.

Teens and young adults interested in becoming an apprentice can find help through new program offered by Polytech Adult Education.

The Polytech Youth apprenticeship is open to high school students and young adults aged 16 to 24, pairing them with registered apprenticeships in Kent County.

“It is an effort to engage young adults, introduce them to registered apprenticeships and provide a pipeline of local talent to the employers in the area,” said Manny Avina, the Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator for Polytech Adult Education.

The program focuses on the careers in construction, welding, electronics, maintenance, and IT. Students can spend up to 2000 hours per year training with an employer to gain an array of abilities and become successful in the workplace.

HandyTube in Camden is among the businesses participating. It’s plant manager, Jacob Zeece, says he’s found the program offers training crucial to get started in a career.

“You’re gonna need to know your common hand tools, at least understand the welding process, electronics helps out, any PLC training is a plus,” said Zeece. “We started to work with Polytech to bring talent in that had a good foundation from the courses that they did, whether it was electrical or industrial or plumbing, and that sort of gave them the foundation that was needed to become a mechanic. And then from there, we have a training program that puts them through welding and so forth.”

The classes are paid for and have guaranteed allowance to attend classes.

Becoming an apprentice can help students hammer down their dreams and set them on the right track towards achieving their goals.

Avina says is a “win-win” for all involved.

“It's been a great partnership. We've also gained quite a few employer partners, Kent County in particular,” said Avina. “Kent County employers are really excited to bring in our local talent, really fill their apprenticeship spots with students from school.”

More information on the program, including how to register, is available at