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Generation Voice

Making mindfulness part of the new year

Mikaylee Pruess
Delaware Public Media

Delaware Public Media works with aspiring high school journalists across the state through our youth media program Generation Voice.

Over the coming weeks, we are featuring work produced by Polytech High School students Mikaylee Preuss and Kenny Guy, including look at a local business preparing for customers pursuing a happier and healthier new year.

New year’s is often a time when people decide to try new things to improve their health.

At Shakti Yoga in Dover, they see a large influx of participants this time of year. But the site’s owner, Ruby Zulkowski, says in order for lasting change, the key is to stick to these commitments.

“The New Year is a time to set new intentions, set new goals, and do new things,” said Zulkowski. “We are a physically and mentally driven society, so I think that people have great intentions and they want to let go of what the last year had for them, and start off fresh for the new year.”

Meditation is a practice where participants can become more relaxed and rejuvenated. Abby miller, the leader of the mindfulness and meditation classes at Shakti Yoga, describes how the practice is beneficial.

“When we slow down, we start to listen to ourselves, we start to notice what’s actually going on in our bodies and mind, it increases happiness, it has the ability to create peace not only in our lives but in others,” said Miller.

Shakti Yoga has several different classes for their students to become involved.

“We offer beginner yoga series, aerial yoga series, and we also have the mindfulness and meditation class, we offer tapping classes, breathing classes, a number of different things.” said said Zulkowski.

Miller says mindfulness and meditation workshop can be a place to start.

It's a workshop that's being offered for folks in the community to come in and take time for themselves to slow down and pause in the busyness of life and come back to their breathing. she said. “Because most of the time as we're going through our daily lives, our thoughts are racing either forward into the future or backwards into the past. And gives us the opportunity to really listen to ourselves.

The mindfulness and meditation workshop is every other Thursday from 6-7 p.m starting on January 13.

Most classes are held in person and over zoom with more information available at the Shakti Yoga website.