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Delaware Technical Community College breaks ground on a new Child Development Center

Quinn Kirkpatrick
Delaware Public Media

Delaware Technical Community College’s Stanton campus breaks ground on a new Child Development Center.

The Stanton Campus is the only one of the college’s four campuses without a center- which offers education and care for children of DelTech students, staff, and faculty. And if space allows, the community, as well.

DelTech President Mark Brainard says unlike other higher-ed institutions, community college students have a different profile. While DelTech does have students with ages ranging from 18 to 22…

“Our average age is between 26 and 28. Many of our students have families, many of our students work in addition to going to college. They have transportation issues… a lot of demands that they have to juggle. And high quality child care, access to high quality child care, is part of that success package,” he explained.

The new facility will not only operate as a licensed childcare center for 80 kids from infant to pre-K, it will also provide more educational opportunities for DelTech students. The school’s Child Development Centers also act as learning labs for the college’s Early Childhood Education program.

The $7 million project was funded through federal dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act, which was supported by all of the members of Delaware’s Congressional Delegation.

Sen. Tom Carper says the new center supports their goals in bolstering Delaware’s workforce, and providing high quality and affordable educational opportunities.

“One of the best ways to help make sure people go to work is to know that their children will be cared for, and get their education,” said Carper. “And not just when they're in middle school, high school, elementary school- but even before that. The first five to six years of a kid’s life, when they’re really, really young, are the years where they can learn the most. And if they don't take advantage of those opportunities early on, good luck in catching up later.”

The facility will be 11,000 square feet, with 5 classrooms, a multipurpose room, and three playgrounds on site.

It is scheduled to open as a licensed daycare center by January 2025.

Quinn Kirkpatrick was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware and graduated of the University of Delaware. She joined Delaware Public Media in June 2021