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Literacy Delaware is recruiting volunteer tutors for adults

Literacy Delaware

A literacy organization is looking to recruit volunteer tutors for adults in the First State.

Literacy Delaware is recruiting volunteers for upcoming tutor training sessions in January to train adults with limited literacy and English language skills.

They will hold an orientation session on Thursday December 16, and the training in January will be held on each Thursday with afternoon and evening sessions available.

All training and instruction will be online due to the pandemic.

"To be a proficient reader the research shows that fifth grade and above however there is a level of folks to read third grade and below," said Cindy Shermeyer is the executive director of Literacy Delaware. "In Delaware, you could fill the University of Delaware football stadium about 10 times with the number of people who read at a third grade or below level."

Shermeyer adds the training is very thorough.

"Tutor training will go over the principles of adult learning. It will talk about using Zoom because we're doing most things virtually right now," said Shermeyer. "It will talk about how do you teach someone - an adult - how to read, and also how do you teach someone to speak English."

Shermeyer notes there are 31 learners in the system waiting for tutors,

Literacy Delaware will provide required training and instructional materials, and when the training is completed volunteers will be matched with adult learners either individually or in small groups.

To sign up or for more information just go to