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New Castle County gives away 'Little Libraries'

New Castle County Officials announced last week the winners of a raffle between communities in District 2 for Little Libraries.

15 of the 23 North Wilmington community leaders and neighborhood association leaders vying for the Little Libraries got to take one home Friday to set up in their neighborhood right away. 

The small decorative boxes are meant to promote reading and the free exchange of reading materials.

The county recently passed an ordinance allowing the book-sharing devices under county code.

District 2 County Councilwoman Dee Durham says the idea was prompted by the start of the pandemic.

“We started this process with Chris back in like March or April with the idea with everyone that was really hunkered down in the quarantine originally, and I saw all these wonderful things that the neighborhoods were doing together to try to keep each other occupied,” said Durham. 

Credit Delaware Public Media
New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer and New Castle County Council President Karen Hartley-Nagle show off one of the Little Libraries raffled off.

And County Executive Matt Meyer says the program may soon be expanded.

“We are very open to going to other areas of the county,” said Meyer. “If there is interest, we are happy to work to make it happen.” 

The libraries cost between $150 and $200 apiece. The funds came out of Durham’s contingent account meant for grants.

There are already several set up in various parts of Wilmington.