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Delaware Dept. of Ed. makes data more available to public

Delaware Public Media

Over ten million records from the Delaware Department of Education are now available to view on the state’s Open Data Portal.


The records give parents access to information about Delaware schools, educators and student populations, including educator salaries, characteristics and analysis of the relationships between educators and their students’ performance.

Parents can also search for school specific information such as teachers’ education backgrounds and demographics so they can find educators that align with their children's demographics. 

Adrian Peoples is a leader for the DOE’s Data Management and Analytics. He says this information enables parents to ask questions and make decisions about who their children interact with.

“Are there any teachers like me in these schools? And you can begin to make some decisions about education and about the education for your children.” 

Peoples says the DOE does not want to be a gatekeeper between schools and parents. He argues that parents should have access to teacher information to make their own judgements. 

“We believe in the notion of letting people see what is actually happening in the buildings as represented by the data, and, knowledge is power. And to be able to have the data to ask more directed or more intelligent or more focused questions will make the education system a better system.” 

The records now available also include student attendance, discipline, dropout, enrollment, graduation and growth rates.

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