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Enlighten Me: WMPH/Generation Voice local musician spotlight

Tom Byrne
Delaware Public Medcia

In this week’s Enlighten Me, we return to WMPH and Mount Pleasant High School in the Brandywine School District – one of the two schools we’ve partnered with on our to our Generation Voice Youth Media project.

Students there, and at our other partner WMHS at McKean High School in the Red Clay School District, produce a whole host of interviews and features throughout the year.

In the past, we’ve usually focused on the more news-oriented features.  But this week, we’re shaking thing up, showcasing one of the student interviews with a local music artist.

And the one we have for you this week is from Sage Duarte, who is just finishing up her freshman year at Mount Pleasant.  She sat down with singer/songwriter and Wilmington native Jae Street Jr.

A reminder that stories like this are part of Generation Voice, our collaboration with the Brandywine School District at Mt. Pleasant High school and its radio station WMPH, and the Red Clay School District at McKean High School and its radio station WMHS.  Our Youth media producer Sophia Schmidt oversees Generation Voice for us and worked on interviews like Sage’s with teacher Paul Wishengrad who runs the Career Pathway we work with at Mount Pleasant.