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Concord High School named Delaware's finalist for national contest

Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow Contest is recognizing the work of a North Wilmington high school.


Concord High School’s Level 3 engineering students won the First State portion of Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow Contest.

Concord received a $20,000 grant for being one of 50 state finalists.

The group of 66 students are led by Jordan Estock, Concord’s Design and Engineering Teacher.

“Our class kinda centers around doing real projects for real people with real problems. So like we don’t just want to do something just to do it, we want to be connected to someone in the community who needs our help.”, Estock said.

Estock took his students to nearby Hanby Elementary school. They visited with students there who have difficulty with tasks like using scissors, zipping their coats, and tying their shoes, in addition to other learning challenges.

Estock split his three classes into five teams - asking each to build a device to help these students.

“There’s 15 different devices, all are very similar, but each one is unique to how that team thought that their skills could solve the problem. So, they usually look like some sort of board or box, and each side of the box or the one board will have different ways for the students to interact.”, Estock added. 

Junior Thomas Robertson worked on one device that helps students learn shapes and colors while building dexterity.

Robertson said, “It’s helped me to understand how people think and how people can be indecisive at times and just how to work around that. You know, it’s experience for problem solving.”

In addition to the $20,000 grant, Concord received a video kit to create a three-minute video showcasing their project development for the next round of the contest.

If selected for the third round, the Concord team will receive a $50,000 grant and four round-trip tickets to New York City where $100,000 grand prizes will be handed out to the top three projects.

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